December 2018 – Happy Holidays: Music and Alexander Technique

Happy Holidays!  May they be filled with music, good cheer, ease and joy!

I have the joy of both worlds: playing music professionally, and teaching how to move naturally with ease and efficiency through the Alexander Technique.   The two worlds blend together nicely, since I use this amazing tool of the Alexander Technique every day for myself, to support the demanding and intense schedule of professional performances.  The technique is well known in the professional IMG_0785 adjusted3music world, and there are many Alexander Technique teachers that also play music professionally. (Another way of stating it is that there are many professional musicians who are so impressed with this technique, they end up completing the 3 year training course to become a certified Alexander Technique teacher!).  This month, while playing Christmas shows with the Vancouver Island Symphony, I realized that we had 3 Alexander Technique teachers in the orchestra.  They included myself on French horn, A.T. teacher Krystal Morrison on clarinet (based in New Westminister) and A.T. teacher Erin MacDonald on viola (based in North Vancouver).   We enjoyed playing our music together, and talking about this great tool and how wonderful it is to share it with others…

On that note, if you’re looking for a unique gift for a friend, why not give them an introduction to the Alexander Technique?  Private sessions are 1 hour in length, and provide immediate tools to take home and practice so that you can find more ease, balance, and centeredness in your life.  Please contact me for more information:  Heather Walker 250-716-3464.

Happy Holidays to all…


October 2018 – Alexander Technique at Trinity Western University

This year I have the priviledge of returning to teach an Alexander Technique class for Trinity Western University in Langley.  This school has a dynamic music program with an internationally recognized choral component, and all of their music majors must take the repertory and studio class.  I will be teaching an introduction to the Alexander Technique on October 10th, 2018.  In the class I will cover many ideas and activities that are available in my standard introductory workshop for musicians.  This workshop is available to music groups on request, and I am able to customize it for a specific focus or instrument.  Please contact me at 250-716-3464 or for more information.

The Alexander Technique will help musicians:

  • Move with ease, grace, and poise
  • Improve kinaesthetic awareness & posture
  • Release muscle tension and tightness
  • Be energetic and efficient yet calm
  • Re-establish better balance
  • Change your habitual patterns of reaction
  • Perform activities with awareness and freedom
  • Learn recuperation and relaxation exercises for home
  • Understand your body’s design for efficient movement

 The Alexander Technique is taught at: Juilliard School of Performing Arts in New York, The Royal College of Music in London, The Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto and at many other music schools._who_we_are_web_1

MUSIC 100 Repertory and Studio Class
A performance class for students of applied music for the purpose of gaining experience in public performance and increasing knowledge of music literature. Required of all music majors in each semester of the program.

Summer 2018 – Alexander Technique for Action!

I want to wish the best of the summer to all my current Alexander Technique clients, and anyone interested in living in an integrated, efficient, and joyful way!  The Alexander Technique is a tool for re-educating ourselves in unity of mind, body, spirit…”Psycho-physical unity” as originally stated by Alexander himself.  For myself, it has been over 18 years since I first started using this technique…and the tool has allowed me to be more self-aware, make better decisions, and not have the chronic tension, pain, and injuries that brought me to the technique in the first place.

I am currently working with all types of people who benefit from the technique: amateur musicians, tennis players, gardeners, writers, councillors, athletes, those recovering from car accidents and over-use injuries, and those with long habits of chronically bad posture.  All these people can use the tool to change their patterns and move into action with more ease, efficiency and awareness. It’s a great and rewarding process!

DSC04448For myself, I’ll be enjoying as much of the summer as possible by backpacking, swimming in the ocean and river, hiking, playing music, and generally spending as much time with friends in the outdoors as possible.

Sound Being Studio is open for Alexander Technique lessons throughout summer 2018.  I hope to hear from you soon!

Heather Walker

March 2018 – Alexander Technique in Yellowknife, N.W.T.

Alexander Technique in Yellowknife, March 2018

CanSTATwebThe Alexander Technique is an educational method used to improve mobility, posture, performance and alertness along with relief of chronic stiffness, tension and stress. People study the Technique to change faulty postural habits and relieve pain through better coordination of the musculoskeletal system. It is also used to enhance performance and learn greater conscious control of our reactions. Athletes, singers, actors, and musicians use the Technique to improve breathing, vocal production, and speed and accuracy of movement. Tax-deductible receipts are available as professional development training for those with self-employment income.

More information:
Heather Walker will be presenting the following workshops and private sessions:

Introduction to the Alexander Technique – Performers (Theatre, Music, etc.)
Thursday March 22nd, 7:00 – 9:30 pm
Ptarmigan Studio, 113a Kam Lake Road, Yellowknife
$30 per person
To register, contact: Lynn Elkin, 867-446-2873

Introduction to the Alexander Technique – Choirs
Tuesday March 27th, 2018, 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm,
Calvary United Church, Yellowknife
Private workshop for members of the Aurora Chorealis Choir

Introduction to the Alexander Technique – Children’s Choir
Thursday March 29th, 2018, 6:00-7:00 pm,
Calvary United Church, Yellowknife
Private workshop for members of the Fireweed Children’s Chorus

Private and semi-private sessions available by appointment, March 23rd, 26-30th
Heartworks Studio #210 4817 49th Street, Yellowknife
$75 per hour
To register, contact: Heather Walker, 250-716-3464,

January 2018 – Happy New Year, from your island Alexander Technique studio

DSC06521Teaching the Alexander Technique is an honour and a blessing.  I get to meet and work with so many interesting people. On top of this, I get to teach a tool that is instrumental in helping each person change, to become more uniquely themselves, integrating their “whole self” into every activity.  Again and again, it is impressive to see people that move from pain, tension, compression, and bad co-ordination to become individuals who embody poise, ease, awareness, and much more efficient movement patterns. It is a joy to experience this transition!  To all my students, current and past, I wish you another wonderful year full of ease and joy.  Happy New Year!

December 2017 – Alexander Technique self-care for the Holidays

We’re approaching the holiday season, which can be filled with joy, friendship and fun.  But it’s also the darkest and busiest time of the year, and it’s easy for many of us to get stressed out and over-drawn in our energy.  At this time of year, I’m once again so appreciative for the wonderful tool of the Alexander Technique in which I have extensive training, both to use myself, and to teach to others.  Many people think of the Alexander Technique as being about good posture, but in our training we talk about good “use”.  This “use” is about how we react and act with our whole being – physical, mental, and emotional – to everything around us.

balancedrocksWe are constantly bombarded with stimuli, from both outside and inside ourselves.  Most of us have reactions to stimulus that take us out of our integrated and effortless self.  We get pulled off balance in many ways (physical, emotional), our reaction can involve too much effort (tension), we focus only on an end goal at the expense of the rest of us, or we push harder when we are tired, resulting in even more fatigue.  The Alexander Technique is a tool for choice: finding micro-moments when we can choose awareness, balance, ease, poise, fluidity, support, release, and the effortlessness of our natural movement.  winter

If you haven’t yet tried the Alexander Technique, I invite you to give a gift to yourself: the gift of self-care and good use.  If you have tried it, I invite you to take time for a refresher lesson, and to practice using the tools in a more conscious way during this demanding month.  Every micro-moment that you choose a different reaction adds up to a whole different state of being.

For more information about the Alexander Technique:, or 250-716-3464.

I wish you the best of the holiday season!


November 2017 – Alexander Technique for Clarinet Players: Videos

As an Alexander Technique teacher, I’m always looking for ways to introduce and share this wonderful tool with other people.  As a professional musician, I appreciate, immensely, the importance of good body awareness, efficient use of energy, fluid and appropriate movement patterns, knowing how to avoid and release tension, a solid understanding of body mechanics, and being able to unify our entire self (body, mind, emotions) in any activity.  I am convinced that I would not have had a professional playing career without the help of the Alexander Technique.

I have recently partnered up with a colleague of mine to record some introductory videos about the Alexander Technique for clarinet players.  Michelle Anderson is a professional clarinet player in Vancouver, and we often play together in the Vancouver Opera Orchestra.  Michelle is also the founder of Clarinet Mentors, an amazing resource and community for clarinetists all over the world.  Check out the incredible amount of resources on her website at  


Michelle and I decided to collaborate to do an introductory series of videos for clarinet players, introducing the Alexander Technique and how it can help us avoid mis-using our bodies and therefore avoid the resulting injuries that can occur.  Our video series includes six videos of 10-12 minutes each.  The online video course is available for a fee through the clarinet mentors website only.  Please contact me for more information:, 250-716-3464.

October 2017 – Alexander Technique Workshop for CUPE support workers

On October 20th, 2017, I have the pleasure of teaching an introductory Alexander Technique workshop for the Canadian Union of Public Employees local 606 in Nanaimo.  This is a part of a CUPE staff development day for the support workers of School District 68 (Nanaimo/Ladysmith). A workplace focus on good movement, awareness, and ease can be beneficial to individuals and also the companies that employ them.  This class is a perfect opportunity to introduce basic concepts of the Alexander Technique: ideas about fluidity of movement, efficiency of design, natural support, and how we can move without tension or strain.  The class is experiential; highlighting each person’s kinaesthetic awareness, having them explore movement, and using visual and tactile learning to understand basic anatomy.  It is always a lot of fun as we explore how each person can take these ideas not just into everyday work moments but also into their hobbies and other activities as well.1510528_716252035086181_754470136_n

I am always happy to plan and deliver specialty Alexander Technique workshops for any group in Nanaimo, elsewhere on Vancouver Island, or on the mainland of B.C.  Please contact me for more information at or 250-716-3464