Heather Walker

Heather Walker: Passion and Purpose

Let me introduce myself and two of my passions in life: the Alexander Technique and music. I’ve been playing French horn since the age of ten.  It’s a personal and artistic challenge for me, and a great deal of fun. However, at one point the years of intense music studies led to some very challenging problems; repetitive strain injuries, tension problems, and overuse.  After trying every conceivable form of treatment, I discovered the Alexander Technique, a method that taught me to “unlearn” my habits of inefficient movement and thought.

Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique changed my life, and I became fascinated with this extraordinary tool that can enable each one of us to live in an integrated, balanced, and focused manner. I eventually completed the full time three-year training course to become a certified teacher. Through the Alexander Technique, I have the rewarding opportunity to help individuals change habits that are compromising the natural working coordination, ease, and efficiency of the whole person. More than a simple remedy for tension and poor posture, the Alexander Technique also changes ingrained thinking patterns and clears the way for a better quality of life. It can be used by anyone. For more information, go to Alexander Technique.

Professional Musician

Combined with my interest in teaching the Alexander Technique, I am still working as a professional musician, performing as a core member of the Vancouver Opera Orchestra and the Vancouver Island Symphony and freelancing with many more. I love the constant variety, challenges, and excitement that this career provides. For more information, go to Professional Musician.

Life Interests!

When not teaching or performing, I am apt to be exploring the local mountains, kayaking, skiing, taking photographs, or zipping around the city on my bike in search of the next adventure in life. Please go to my gallery to enjoy some of my photos!