The Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique: a tool for choice

The Alexander Technique is a simple and practical method for self-improvement and awareness. Studying the Alexander Technique helps you move and think more efficiently.  Through the Alexander Technique, you learn to choose conscious reactions that involve more calm, poise, and ease of being.

The Alexander Technique: using your natural coordination

F.M. Alexander working with a child

The Alexander Technique is a system of “un-learning” harmful patterns that we have layered over our natural coordination. This process helps you prevent or alleviate conditions associated with undue tension or poor posture. Many times these habits of tension lead to pain, joint and muscle problems, breathing disorders, and stress-related conditions. By changing your inefficient movement patterns, you re-establish good coordination and the symptoms often disappear on their own.

The Alexander Technique: the benefits

Through learning the Alexander Technique, you will be poised without stiffness, move gracefully with less effort, and be alert and focused with less strain. The benefits include freer, lighter, and more enjoyable movement, and ease in sitting, speaking, and performing. Coordination, balance and awareness improve.

The Alexander Technique: from symptoms to solutions!