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Alexander Technique Websites:

The Canadian Association for Alexander Technique:
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The American Society for the Alexander Technique:
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Alexander Technique Books:

The Alexander Technique – A Skill for Life, by Pedro de Alcantara
Body, Breath & Being – a new guide to the Alexander Technique, by Carolyn Nicholls
Body Learning – An introduction to the Alexander Technique, by Michael J. Gelb
Indirect Procedures – A Musician’s Guide to the Alexander Technique, by Pedro de Alcantara

Alexander Technique Articles:

“From Symptoms to Solutions: The Alexander Technique and Musicians” by Heather Walker.  This article was published in the International Musician Magazine, November 2009.

“A Technician’s Primary Tool: The Human Body” and “Alexander Technique: Lying Down Work” by Heather Walker.  Theses articles were published in the Piano Technicians Journal, May 2013.

Press release: “British Medical Journal Study.”  Relief for Chronic Back Pain Sufferers
Clinical Trial shows Alexander Technique lessons are effective.  July 2008.

“Workplace Health and Safety Study”  A descriptive and comparative study of precedents where the Alexander Technique has been applied as a tool to prevent occupational risks in different organisational settings throughout the world

Alexander Technique Videos:

“Bone Deep Strength” by Kathleen Porter. Natural Alignment is what all healthy babies andtoddlers discover when teaching themselves how to sit up, stand and walk. It is the natural design of our species that provides for all healthy humans to be naturally pain-free, easily flexible, authentically strong, and to enjoy enduring vitality for a lifetime. This alignment is the reason it is possible for small woman in m any places in the world to carry heavy loads on their heads with great ease.

Alexander Technique British Medical Journal Back Pain Study. This video summarizes the results of a major back pain study published in the British Medical Journal in 2008. The study showed that the Alexander Technique was highly effective in treating back pain. There have more recently been follow-up studies that confirm this result.