May 2019 – Alexander Technique for Parkinson’s disease

Quote from “The Poise Project” website:

People with Parkinson’s and their partners ask:

“What else can I do for myself besides taking my medication?”

Alexander technique is a way of managing symptoms for people with Parkinson’s.

While dance or exercise programs offer satisfying and necessary periods of choreographed, aerobic or strengthening movement, Alexander technique works directly with cognition to teach new ways of thinking about organizing movement while carrying out exercise or during daily activities away from class.

Lessons involve verbal instructions and hands-on guidance to teach self-management strategies that improve and, as much as possible, restore functional movement patterns enabling the person with PD to carry out activities with greater confidence and minimal interference from PD symptoms.

AT offers the potential for long term benefits that continue the self-management learned during lessons.

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Heather Walker is a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique, based on Vancouver Island, B.C.   She is giving a short introduction of the Alexander Technique to the the Parkinson’s Support Group in Nanaimo on Wednesday May 15th at 1:15 pm.  For more information about the technique, you can also contact her directly at 250-716-3464 or

Nanaimo Parkinson’s Support Group
Nanaimo Alliance Church
1609 Meredith Road
3rd Wednesday of each month (no meetings in July or August)
1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

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