January 2022 – Alexander Technique for UVic “Business of Music” Class

On January 21st, 2022, Heather Walker will be presenting a virtual seminar about the Alexander Technique to the University of Victoria “Business of Music” class, MUS 310. The class is required for all music majors, and also open to students from other disciplines.

Heather is a professional musician, playing French horn in many different orchestras and music groups. She is also a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique, a century-old system for incorporating more awareness, ease, and efficiency of movement and thought into everything a person does. The Alexander Technique is particularly well known in the music world, since there is so much refined and repetitious movement in playing an instrument, and this often manifests itself into tension, repetitive strain, and injury.

For this presentation, Heather will touch on many aspects of the technique. Discussion will include:

  • The history of the Alexander Technique
  • The difference between treating a symptom, and un-learning harmful habits that are creating the problem
  • The understanding of kinaesthetic awareness and re-education to be able to change habits
  • Some of the principles of the Alexander Technique and how they are taught
  • Some basic experiments and tools to try at home
  • A better anatomical understanding of our design, especially the head, neck & back relationship

Heather is always happy to give lessons, workshops, and presentations on the Alexander Technique. Please contact her for more information at info@soundbeingstudio.com, or 250-716-3464

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