May/June 2022 – Alexander Technique small group class, Mill Bay, Vancouver Island

Heather is pleased to be teaching Alexander Technique through a small group introductory class in the Cowichan Valley & Mill Bay area on Vancouver Island. The class comprises 3 sessions of 2 hours each, held on May 26th, 28th and June 2nd, 2022. This class is organized by a local professional singer and teacher of voice & piano, Eve Daniell. Eve was introduced to the Alexander Technique during her earlier voices studies in the United Kingdom, and found the technique pivotal to her musical career.

Heather Walker teaching the Alexander Technique

These small group classes will be taught to a maximum of 8 people, who are mostly piano, voice, and drama teachers. The group will be introduced to basic principles of the Alexander Technique, and taught tools, tricks and tips for exploring these ideas through movement, kinaesthetic awareness, imagery, visual clues, and verbal reminders. We will explore ideas around support, gravity, balance, body design, efficient use, awareness, stopping of habits, letting go of tension, and finding your place of most ease…among others! We will practice “constructive rest” and move through standing, walking, sitting, bending & folding, and ideas around our music making. Classes are participation and exploration based, and are a lot of fun!

If you would like to book a small group Alexander Technique class for any focus group, please be in touch with Heather Walker at 250-716-3464, or through her website,

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