December 2019 – Alexander Technique ideas and reminders for winter

December 2019

CanSTATwebThe Alexander Technique can be used for increased awareness of your body, your sensations, your thoughts and feelings.  The technique also help us to understand better how our whole self is connected, and naturally designed for efficiency and ease.  Once we are more aware and understand the unity of the self, we can make better choices about how we react in any moment, choices that align with this understanding.

But…is it easy to do?  Well, no, not exactly.  The principles of the technique are pretty simple, and all the basic “check-in” activities and self care involve doing LESS, not adding more.  Everyone has thousands of micro-moments per day when we can re-awaken our awareness and make a different choice.  However, habits are strong and it’s easy to forget to think about these new possibilities!  That’s why it’s important to factor in ways of reminding ourselves how to use this technique.

Personally, even after teaching this technique for years, I can always use extra reminders to integrate it more into my daily life. As one wise person said, “The price for eternal freedom is constant vigilance.”   Here’s some ways I’m thinking about adding more Alexander Technique to my life:

– Join an Alexander Technique Facebook group, for access to forums, articles, discussion. Here’s one that’s available to join: A.T. forum image

– Get a few simple Alexander Technique books and leave them nearby….you only need to read a page or two to get a quick idea for new thought.  Check your local library, or the “Links, Articles, Books, More” page of this website can be a starting point.

– Commit to doing more lying down work – schedule it in, or pair it with meals, walks, sports activities, or musical practice sessions.  Read some tips on semi-supine work through this article that I wrote.

– Schedule in refresher Alexander Technique lessons once a month or so. As with any art form, there is no end to what you can learn.  Even as a certified teacher of almost 14 years, I still take refresher lessons and workshops with senior teachers whenever possible, to expand my learning.

Phone me or email me if you have questions about the Alexander Technique!

Heather Walker,

Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique

Nanaimo, B.C.       250-716-3464



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