January 2023 – VISO Family Show with Al Simmons


3:00 PM @ The Port Theatre

The Einstein of Entertainers
Al Simmons

CONDUCTOR: Scott MacInnes

He’s a musician! He’s an inventor! He’s a nut! The Einstein of entertainers, wizard of one-liners and lightning bolt of lunacy. His astounding gadgets, preposterous songs, impeccable comic timing and kooky take on classic vaudeville have thrilled and entertained fans of all ages for 54 years. Juno Award winner Al Simmons is a creative genius whose highly original performances of profound wackiness and of off-the-wall inventions have taken the arts of Music and Comedy to unparalleled heights of hilarity. Young or old, you cannot fail to appreciate this man’s frenetic stage antics and mind-boggling lovableness.

“A tour-de-force of ingenious, charming silliness.”
Globe and Mail

Heather Walker is a professional horn player and a core member of the Vancouver Island Symphony. She is also a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique. Anyone can use the Alexander Technique to learn to move with more freedom and ease, have better posture, reduce pain, and recuperate from stress and undue wear & tear. She teaches the Alexander Technique in Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island. For more information about the Alexander Technique, please contact Heather at heather@soundbeingstudio.com.

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