September 2017 – Alexander Technique and Psychophysiology of Music Performance

The Alexander Technique is a definitive tool for encouraging ease, efficiency, and awareness in our whole selves: mental, physical, emotional.  This can be especially important in complex and demanding activities, such as music performance.  I am always happy to introduce the technique to music groups around the province.  On September 29th, 2017, I have the pleasure of teaching a 3 hour Alexander Technique class for Music Performance majors at Kwantlen University.  This is a part of the following course:

Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Langley:

Psychophysiology of Music Performance

Students will explore the psychological/physical relationship in music performance as well as the mental and emotional factors that affect learning and teaching. They will develop body awareness (posture, movement, and breathing) and its relationship to musical performance, as well as learn how to amend their physical movements to play more efficiently with less effort. Students will also investigate different approaches in developing musical skill, expressivity, interpretation, musical memory, and motivation, as well as survey different techniques for managing-and utilizing-performance anxiety.

For more information on Alexander Technique workshops or lessons:, or 250-716-3464


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