November 2017 – Alexander Technique for Clarinet Players: Videos

As an Alexander Technique teacher, I’m always looking for ways to introduce and share this wonderful tool with other people.  As a professional musician, I appreciate, immensely, the importance of good body awareness, efficient use of energy, fluid and appropriate movement patterns, knowing how to avoid and release tension, a solid understanding of body mechanics, and being able to unify our entire self (body, mind, emotions) in any activity.  I am convinced that I would not have had a professional playing career without the help of the Alexander Technique.

I have recently partnered up with a colleague of mine to record some introductory videos about the Alexander Technique for clarinet players.  Michelle Anderson is a professional clarinet player in Vancouver, and we often play together in the Vancouver Opera Orchestra.  Michelle is also the founder of Clarinet Mentors, an amazing resource and community for clarinetists all over the world.  Check out the incredible amount of resources on her website at  


Michelle and I decided to collaborate to do an introductory series of videos for clarinet players, introducing the Alexander Technique and how it can help us avoid mis-using our bodies and therefore avoid the resulting injuries that can occur.  Our video series includes six videos of 10-12 minutes each.  The online video course is available for a fee through the clarinet mentors website only.  Please contact me for more information:, 250-716-3464.

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