March 2017 – Be upstanding in public presentations with the Alexander Technique

Be upstanding in court!

Optimise performance and manage stress – John Hunter outlines the benefits of the Alexander Technique to the Bar

August 2016

Be upstanding in court!

By John Hunter (MSTAT)
An article outlining the benefits of the AT to the bar. You can read the full article here. STAT website mentioned.

Here are some excerpts from the article:

“The long association between F M Alexander (1869-1955) and the theatre dates back to the very origins of the Alexander Technique (AT). He was an actor who loved Shakespeare, loved to recite and, having lost his voice, succeeded not only in curing himself of his problem but also in discovering certain fundamental principles of human functioning. Once established as an expert in breathing and voice in his native Australia, Alexander came to London in 1904 where he developed and taught his method for more than 50 years.”

“Many turn to Alexander lessons to deal with a specific problem, back pain being the most common. A recent randomised controlled trial at Southampton University demonstrated its efficacy in this regard (see British Medical Journal 2008;337:a884, Little P, Lewith G, Webley F, et al). Pupils of the technique often report that it not only helps them with muscular aches and pains but that the benefits are myriad: general ease of movement, a sense of presence, managing stress, a way to deal with performance anxiety, quickly recovering equilibrium, heightened awareness, improved resonance and authenticity in vocal production.”

Heather Walker is a Certified teacher of the Alexander Technique, with experience working with professional performances, public speaking, and stage presence.  She is based in Nanaimo B.C, and teaches lessons and workshops in the Alexander Technique throughout Vancouver Island, greater Vancouver, and further by demand.  For more information: 250-716-3464, or



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