Alexander Technique in the Media – Articles from the U.K., fall 2016

The Alexander Technique is well know in the Britian and the United Kingdom – after all, that is where the founder, F.M. Alexander, taught for 50 years and established his training school for other Alexander Technique teachers.  The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT) was founded in the UK in 1958 by teachers trained by FM Alexander. There are currently over 2500 teaching members of STAT and its Affiliated Societies world-wide.  More info can be found at  The Canadian Society for Teachers of the Alexander Technique (CanSTAT) lists all certified teachers here in Canada:

STAT regularly publishes a list of media that have published articles about the Alexander Technique, or about it’s benefits to people doing other activities.  Here is a recent list:

July 2016
By Ted Dimon
Article on neurodynamics explaining the key principles it’s based on. Its goal is “to bring the entire process of how we do things to a more conscious level so that we can establish and maintain the natural coordination we once possessed as children.”

Natural Health
August 2016
Back pain myths busted
STAT/Litmus PR
Brita Forsstrom (MSTAT) says that “bed rest is probably the biggest myth” as prolonged resting can weaken the muscles. She suggests the semi supine as the better alternative to take pressure off one’s back. STAT website mentioned.
August 2016
Be upstanding in court!
By John Hunter (MSTAT)
An article outlining the benefits of the AT to the bar. You can read the full article here. STAT website mentioned.

My Weekly Summer Special
August 2016
Our A-Z guide to pain relief
By Janette Marshall
The reporter explains that the AT is “about learning how to move correctly and naturally” and how it can rectify a posture problem an relieve associated pain.

Runners World
August 2016
Run tall on the hot sand – with a crisp in each hand
By Sam Murphy
Malcolm Balk (MSTAT) talks about the different way he may offer cues to runners to help them react to the ground more quickly.
17 August 2016
High jump technique: Balanced approach
By Sean Carey
Sean looks at different high-jump athletes and their method of preparation and run-up. To read the article in full, click here. The article mentions STAT.

Telegraph magazine (Supp. to The Daily Telegraph)
20 August 2016
Game face
Actress Natalie Dormer reveals that during her drama studies in Webber Douglas Academy, her training included the Alexander Technique.

Woman’s Weekly
23 August 2016
How to ease inflammation…
By Rebecca Gamble
The article refers to the Arthritis Research UK funding for a study in AT and mentions that the results “suggest that using [the AT] could be beneficial for people with arthritis and joint pain”.

My Weekly
September 2016
The gentle art of staying calm
By Hazel Sillver
The journalist suggests the calming effect of the AT, teaching one “mental tricks that prevent us physically holding onto stress”.

The Sunday Telegraph
11 September 2016
Standing tall with the Alexander Technique
By Susie Mesure
The journalist talks with Sue Laurie (MSTAT) about the benefits of the AT and about her work throughout the years at the National Theatre.

The Sunday Telegraph
11 September 2016
The History of the Alexander Technique
By Susie Mesure
STAT/Litmus PR
A short history of the AT alongside the above article. STAT website mentioned.

My Weekly
13 September 2016
Love the Age you’re in!
STAT/Litmus PR
Antonella Cavallone (MSTAT) points out that improving one’s use “will also improve your circulation, breathing and digestion”. STAT website mentioned.

Womens Fitness
November 2016
The Secret for Stronger Running
By Erica Bush
STAT/Litmus PR
Malcolm Balk (MSTAT) talks about how the AT can benefit runners. STAT website mentioned.

Cumbernauld News
9 November 2016
Stress has led to an explosion in alternatives
By Julian Hearne
The article mentions the AT as being recommended by the NICE guidelines for Parkinson’s disease. Read the full article here.

The Irish Times
22 November 2016
Keeping your head high gives your feet a lift
OR Running: How to make gravity your friend (online title)

By Sean Carey
Sean Carey (MSTAT) talks about how the AT can prevent runners from injuries. To read the full article, click here.

The Courier
3 December 2016
Singing the blues away
By Gayle Ritchie
The journalist participated in a singing/AT workshop run by Jeannie MacLean (MSTAT). Jeannie explained that “singing and AT are perfect partners for exploring the potential of your natural voice through release.”

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